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We can scratch “I Love You, Daddy” from the fall movie list. Distributor The Orchard has dropped Louis C.K.’s film after the accusations that have been leveled against him in the New York Times.

The Orchard paid $5 million to distribute the film, and now they will have to try and get their money back. They’re a very small distributor in the first place. Considering the odd nature of the film– it involves a man (Louis CK) obsessed with his 20 year old daughter (Chloe Grace Moretz)– it’s strange that they wwanted it at all.. There are themes of pedophilia and apparently a scene that involves masturbation. In real life, Louis CK is alleged to have masturbated in front of several women.

The New York Times published a story yesterday afternoon that revealed the accusations. In that time, Louis CK’s whole career has been taken apart– HBO is removing all his films and concerts from their service, for example.

“I Love You, Daddy” was a sneak screening in Toronto. There was a big clamor to get into see it. But once people did, the buzz was off. It didn’t sound very palatable and now we’re never going to know. Unlike the Getty movie– in which Kevin Spacey is being replaced– there’s no desire to do something similar here.

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