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Joe Sumner is Sting’s oldest kid, let’s get that out of the way. For a while he fronted a band I loved called “Fiction Plane.” They had a single I still hum to myself called “Hate.” (I call it “I Hate People.”) I also loved “Two Sisters.” Check them out.

All year, Joe, the married father of three, has been on tour with Sting on the massively successful 57th and 9th tour– all over the world. An accomplished guitarist, Joe made a name for himself singing a tribute to David Bowie every night with “Starman.”

Now Joe is heading out with the Celebrating David Bowie tour in 2018, where I hope he’ll do “Starman” and some other Bowie songs, as well some of his own.

Meantime he tells me: “On December 2nd I’ll be playing at Safari Nights in aid of http://www.curaorphanage.org/ The orphanage is in Kenya and provides a home for children who’s parents have died from HIV related illnesses.  I have been the ambassador to the orphanage for the last year. Tom Morello will be MC that night which makes me very happy.”

But so much time away from home?

His kids say no! I love this pic from Instagram. (PS You can also hear Joe starting tomorrow on the DVD/Blu Ray of Sting’s tour “Live at the Olympia Paris.”

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