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Last night Mike Milken’s annual Prostate Cancer Foundation dinner guests got their money’s worth — JHud, JLo, and A-Rod. Just not at the same time.

Jennifer Hudson absolutely blew the crowd of millionaires away with a 45 minute show that was off the hook. It featured all her hits– from “Dreamgirls” to “Spotlight” and my personal favorite, “Where You At.” She also stopped the show with her rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Wow. JHud is on her way to London for the British version of “The Voice,” then she’s back to LA for our version. She never stops and her voice is more stunning than ever.

Unfortunately, Hudson’s show was missed by Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, who exited the dinner shortly after making a huge donation and driving the room of usually staid folks crazy. A Rod had already been there through cocktails. JLo swung in at the last minute, appeared on stage and then swept the former Yankee off to further appointments. I’ll bet they’re kicking themselves now! But their presence upped the ante for donors, which is most important.

Bravo to Milken. His foundation is helping thousands– hundreds of thousands of people– all over the world. Treatment for prostate cancer has jumped into the future over the last twenty years largely because of him and his doctors. And the benefits of donating to that dinner– still can’t get over Jennifer Hudson. She’s a powerhouse of soul with a huge career still to come!

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