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You knew this day was coming.

Now Bob Weinstein, Harvey’s brother, the one who helped bring Harvey’s downfall and who acted like a poor, put up on victim, has been accused of sexual harassment.

While Bob and what’s left of the Miramax board were busy kicking Harvey off the Weinstein Company board, Bob was field accusations from the show runner of his just cancelled series “The Mist.”

According to Variety, Amanda Segel, an executive producer of “Mist,” said Weinstein repeatedly made romantic overtures to her and asked her to join him for private dinners.

Bert Fields, the 85 year Hollywood scare machine of a lawyer who used to represent Harvey, told Variety:  “Variety’s story about Bob Weinstein is riddled with false and misleading assertions by Ms. Segel and we have the emails to prove it, but even if you believe what she says it contains not a hint of any inappropriate touching or even any request for such touching,” Fields said. “There is no way in the world that Bob Weinstein is guilty of sexual harassment, and even if you believed what this person asserts there is no way it would amount to that.”

Well, if he had the emails, wouldn’t he have shown them to Variety and gotten it over with?

Bob Weinstein’s disloyalty to his brother isn’t playing as well as he thought. Even though Harvey has monstrous accusations against him, Bob can’t convince anyone he didn’t know what was going on. Now he’s about to try and sell the company to Colony Capital’s Tom Barrack, a major supporter of Donald Trump. What a travesty.

While Harvey made the Oscar movies, Bob made the shlock films like Scream, Scary Movie, and Teaching Mrs. Tingle. Bob had no taste, but he was said to be making the money that allowed the quality films to exist. Really.

Meantime, Amazon cut ties with Roy Price, their head of TV and son of former studio chief Frank Price. Roy — not Ray Price, the country singer — is accused of saying stupid, dirty, and illegal things to the showrunner daughter of famed sci fi writer Philip K. Dick.

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