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I told you back on August 26th that the NFL wanted Justin Timberlake and Jay Z for the Super Bowl halftime show.

Since then, Jay Z seems to have declined the chance to perform. There’s the whole Colin Kaepernick situation, which won’t be better by Super Bowl time in February. Plus much of Jay Z’s set would have to be bleeped.

But Timberlake is the perfect choice for the NFL even though many years ago he and Janet Jackson had some trouble on the show. Well, everyone is older and wiser and there’s no use beating a dead horse. JT is too good an entertainer not to have him back (ditto Janet). The whole stadium will be dancing to “Can’t Stop the Music” and advertisers will groove on that good feeling.

Anyway, let’s hope they make the deal. Maybe Jay Z will turn up as a guest performer. No doubt Jimmy Fallon will, and the NBC tie-ins are too good to pass up. Jimmy needs a little ratings help right now, Justin will be releasing new music. It’s all kumbaya.

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