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It’s true. I’ve confirmed that the NFL has settled on acts for Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis. The top choices are Justin Timberlake and Jay Z, who come as a package and kind of Abbott and Costello of rap and pop. They’re like the perfect combo, too: Good friends who’s collaborated together in the past.

Of course, Justin will be on the verge of releasing a new album containing his massive hit “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” Jay Z will be on tour for his “4:44” hit album. Each of them have been ignored by the Grammys in the past, so they have that in common, too.

Expect the announcement soon. There’s a another big asset here too: Jimmy Fallon is on NBC, NBC will broadcast the game. So expect lots of tie ins with Justin and Jimmy– maybe even Jimmy in Justin’s act. It’s a win win for everyone.

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