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Just as I told you on May 16th: Al Pacino will play famed and disgraced Penn State football coach Joe Paterno in a new HBO movie. Barry Levinson is directing. Originally Brian DePalma was going to make this movie, called “Happy Valley,” but that fell apart some time ago.

Everyone reported this news last night and this morning, but I told you three weeks ago it was game on. Levinson has to hurry as Pacino has to make it out in time for a day off and then Martin Scorsese’s “I Hear You Paint Houses.”

Levinson and Pacino have a great history together. Levinson directed Pacino for HBO as both Dr. Jack Kevorkian and Phil Spector. They also made the really great movie “The Humbling.” The latter film was destroyed by its distributor, but rent it or stream it or buy it. A little gem.


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