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Oscar ballots went out today, and they must be returned by next Friday the 13th. It’s a short window, but there’s been so much discussion.

Academy voters– need a cheat sheet? Here’s mine for the major categories:


Manchester by the Sea, La La Land, Silence, Lion, Hell or High Water, Moonlight, Fences, Arrival, 20th Century Women, Sully.


Casey Affleck–Manchester; Ryan Gosling-La La Land; Denzel Washington-Fences; Andrew Garfield-Silence; Tom Hanks-Sully.


Annette Bening-20th Century Women; Emma Stone-La La Land; Natalie Portman-Jackie; Amy Adams-Arrival; Isabelle Huppert– Elle.


Mahershala Ali-Moonlight; Dev Patel-Lion; Mykelti Williamson-Fences; Lucas Hedges-Manchester; Jeff Bridges-Hell or High Water


Viola Davis- Fences; Nicole Kidman-Lion; Michelle Williams–Manchester; Naomie Harris–Moonlight; Octavia Spencer–Hidden Figures


Martin Scorsese- Silence; Damien Chazelle– La La Land; Kenneth Lonergan–Manchester; Barry Jenkins–Moonlight; Clint Eastwood– Sully

I’ll have more categories tomorrow. But listen, this is easy. You just have to be tough. I didn’t like not giving nods to Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant for “Florence Foster Jenkins.” They are so good, and the movie is wonderful. I’m sorry about some others. This was a very good year, better than we’ve had in a long time. But I think this is the way to go. In Best Actress, if Viola Davis had gone into lead Best Actress, she would have won. She didn’t, and I can’t change that. So get out your pens, pencils, computers, and check em off! (PS Meryl won’t mind. She knows we love her.)



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