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Consider it a tribute to Carrie Fisher, and to George Lucas: “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” will ring in the new year tonight with $400 mil after 16 days release. Worldwide, the number is $700 million. The end is not in sight, either.

There are lots of disasters but let’s concentrate on the good news today. “Arrival” is heading t9 $100 million. “La La Land”– possibly the Best Picture– is a hit. So is “Manchester by the Sea.” “Fences” is doing very well. “Lion” and “Jackie” are making some noise now. “Silence” is biding its time, waiting for Oscar noms mid-January. So at least the big Academy contenders had nice audiences. People will know what they are when the statues are handed out in late February.

Meanwhile, “Why Him?” is starting to drop. But it didn’t cost much — $38 million– so it won’t be a total loser. And you know if Fox has the TV rights, the series is close at hand. The movie is like a big pilot anyway.

More good news: “Hacksaw Ridge” is coming to an end at $65 million. It is NOT a Best Picture nominee. And Andrew Garfield is a thousand times better in “Silence.” Academy voters take note– “Silence” is a real movie.


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