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EXCLUSIVE Sources tell me George Michael wasn’t completely out of it the last couple of years. He and his team were finishing a documentary called “George Michael. Freedom” that will come out some time next year. “It’s about a period in his life,” says a source, and lines up with his coming out as gay in 1998 and the aftermath.

Michael notably became a gay activist after hiding his personal life for years.

I’m told there will also be the 25th anniversary edition of his album “Listen without Prejudice, Vol. 1.” The two projects will probably be spaced out during 2017.

So far, no word on a Grammy tribute. But Grammy exec producer Ken Ehrlich was a huge fan, so it’s likely. I’m sure Adam Lambert is rehearsing already.

As far as unreleased material, I’m told there isn’t a lot. “Unlike Prince,” a source says, “George was not a studio rat.” But the George Michael did leave behind music “that is really something” — which we also may hear in 2017.

George’s heirs, by the way, are clear cut: his father and two sisters.

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