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The Hollywood Foreign Press doesn’t seem to like American heroes or icons. They snubbed Sully Sullenberger by ignored “Sully” and director Clint Eastwood, star Tom Hanks.

They also ignored the movie “Jackie” except for actress Natalie Portman. The movie itself got nothing.

“Patriots Day” about the Boston Marathon bombing with Mark Wahlberg also got kicked to the curb.

Another American icon, Howard Hughes, and the iconic actor who played him, Warren Beatty– totally ignored.

And another American hero, Martin Scorsese, was snubbed for his passion project, “Silence,” a sure Oscar nominee if not winner.

The Globes also ignored “Arrival” except for Amy Adams.

What they want is their own hero– Mel Gibson– anti Semite, racist, drunk. The Hollywood Foreign Press has somehow become obsessed with Gibson, and it’s such a mistake. If the movie is on to make “Hacksaw Ridge” their Best Drama over “Manchester by the Sea” or even “Lion” the HFPA is going to take several steps backward instead of forward. They’ve made so much progress, now is not the time to embrace this cause.

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