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Kid Rock: I always liked him and he’s a nice guy. Carson Daly once told me: “He’s my best friend.” Kid Rock, aka Bob Richie, from Michigan, is now angling to be the Bruce Springsteen of the GOP. If– when– he’s invited to perform for Trump at the inauguration, he’ll be very lonely.


Kid Rock is now selling obnoxious, vulgar t shirts and merchandise on his website that are pro-Trump, anti-Blue State. One T shirt calls blue states “Dumbfuckistan.” Another: “God Guns Trump.”


Not funny. Not bright either. But I guess Richie doesn’t care. But why not cash in on his redneck appeal? He’s got nothing to lose. I’m sure the folks at Atlantic Records are thrilled. And maybe they really are. Maybe it’s just part of the effort to get the Time Warner-AT&T merger closed.

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