Home Theater Broadway: “Hamilton” Box Office Skyrockets in Week After Brouahaha with Pence, Trump

In the public scuffle between “Hamilton” and Mike Pence/Donald Trump. the winner is clear. The “Hamilton” box office soared to new heights last week, posting $3.26 million in grosses. The week before, “Hamilton” posted $2.45 million. That’s an increase of over $800,000– which is the average total weekly take of all Broadway shows.

This was after Mike Pence attended the show, was booed by the audience and lectured by the cast. This was also after Donald Trump demanded the show apologize to Pence. But the show and actor Brandon Victor Dixon stood their ground, their was no apology, and a ton of publicity.

I can’t remember any show ever having a $3 million week, not “The Lion King,” “Wicked,” or “The Book of Mormon.” (If anyone has the stats, send ’em to showbiz411@gmail.com). This is quite an accomplishment, and a rebuke to the president and vice president elect. Now all the shows will want them to come, and bring their families!

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