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“Lion” came roaring into New York today, joining the Oscar mix as a definite Best Picture nominee with phenomenal performances from Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel, eight year old Sunny Pawar, and gorgeous newcomer (in the West) Priyanka Bose.

“Lion” is the amazing story of how Saroo Brierley got on the wrong train in India at age 5 in 1986 and wound up adopted by a couple in Australia. Using Google Earth he found his biological family in India some 25 years later. Saroo published a book about all this in 2012, and now it’s a five-hanky movie directed by Garth Davis and produced by the folks from “The King’s Speech.”

Everyone is in town for the launch this week including the real Saroo and his adoptive parents, Sue and John Brierley. The movie has clearly been a labor of love as the Brierleys, Kidman, Patel and little Sunny– who was found in casting call and is absolutely remarkable in the film– have bonded like crazy. Kidman and Sue Brierley held hands during a Q&A today following a screening and light repast at Le Cirque before the gala opening tonight at the Museum of Modern Art.

Given the current grim situation in New York (not to mention the traffic disaster that’s manifested itself from Trump Tower), “Lion” is like a salve for the soul. The film opens November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving.

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