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Sting is getting a Lifetime Achievement Award and putting on a show. Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars are performing. Timing is everything. and the American Music Awards have suddenly found a purpose. They aren’t the Grammys. But they are an excellent marketing tool for the music and record businesses.

The AMAs air live on ABC on November 20, and that’s the sweet spot for the end of the year holiday sales push. Lady Gaga’s album “Joanne” just came out on Friday and it’s already number 1. A month from now, “Joanne” should still be doing well but a little sales blast from the AMAs won’t hurt.

Sting’s first album of pop songs in over a decade, “57th and 9th,” hits stores and so on on November 11th. He’s already had a radio hit with “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You.” Showcasing some new songs on the 20th should give the album a second-week boost.

Bruno Mars has a singles hit right now with “24K.” His new album, of the same name, hits on November 18th– just two days before the AMAs. That exposure will only add to his numbers, so Bruno will be assured the number 1 album on the following Friday.

The genius in this is that the Grammys don’t want performers in February who were featured on AMAs in November. These three aren’t eligible anyway– their albums are all for the 2018 Grammys. So this is perfect. Who you won’t see singing on the AMAs– Adele, Beyonce, Drake– the three big stars vying for potential Grammys.  They may put in appearances on the AMAs but they’ll wait for February to show their stuff.

Anyway, Sting, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars should bring big ratings for the AMAs.

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