Home Theater Jake Gyllenhaal’s Broadway Run in “Burn This” Postponed Until Next Season– Maybe

Back on July 19th there was a big announcement: Jake Gyllenhaal was coming to Broadway in a revival of Lanford Wilson’s “Burn This.” The play was set for a run beginning next February. The other excitement was that the production would reopen the Hudson Theater on West 44th St. now owned by the Ambassador Theater Group. Michael Mayer was set to direct.

Well, it’s not happening. Announced this evening, the production has been postponed until the 2017-18 season– meaning a year from now. This is “due to scheduling conflicts with the show’s star” says the press release without mentioning Gyllenhaal’s name. Whoops! Maybe he’s not going to be in it at all. Too bad.

What’s Jake doing that he can’t be in the play all of a sudden? Who knows? He’s really great in Tom Ford’s film “Nocturnal Animals,” coming next month. And he’s got a bunch of movies in the can and some that haven’t started. Doesn’t quite make sense. But these things rarely do.

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