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It’s history making time.

Solange Knowles has the number 1 album in the US on iTunes. She’s also headed to number 1 for the week, period, on all charts with her “A Seat at the Table.”

Solange’s older sister, Beyonce, has the number 4 album with “Lemonade.” Beyonce’s numbers are bigger by far, but this week, she’s following her little sister.

That’s the first time sisters have had number 1 albums in the same year, been in the top 5 at the same time, or ever had albums on the chart at the same time.

There aren’t too many cases of singing sisters, anyway. There’s Liza Minnelli and Lorna Luft, I guess. The Andrews Sisters. Dionne and the late Dee Dee Warwick. Freda and Sherrie Payne. Aretha Franklin and late sisters Carolyn and Erma. The Scissors Sisters (just kidding).

Ann and Nancy Wilson work together, as Heart. That doesn’t count.

Solange has issued albums before, but none was very successful. She wanted a seat at the table and got it. She made lemonade from lemons considering she’s probably best known for fighting with Jay Z in an elevator.

“A Seat at the Table” has no physical CD yet. It’s available as a download, and for streaming. Luckily, Solange did not put her album on brother in law Jay Z’s Tidal service exclusively.

And get this: Solange wrote all 21 tracks by herself. She’s the sole credit. No teams of writers. Just her. Impressed? You should be., I know I am.


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