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What’s worse? Donald Trump’s $916 million tax loss or Rudy Giuliani’s amnesia about his cheating on Donna Hanover?

To defend Trump– Rudy calls him a ‘genius’ for getting out of paying taxes for 18 years and taking this gigantic loss– Giulani is ranging all over the place.

He says on TV this morning that he “confessed his sins” about his marriage so he can jabber away about the Clinton marriage. But in fact he LIED about his affairs. He was caught with Judith Nathan while he was married to Donna Hanover, prompting his wife to dump him in a press conference.

The New York Times, meanwhile, was the recipient of some 1995 tax records, sent to them anonymously. The sender used Trump Tower as a return address. But from the way the story plays out, it sounds like the tax papers came from the story’s hero, retired tax accountant Jack Mitnick. He told the Times:

“there were times when even he, for all his years helping wealthy New Yorkers navigate the tax code, found it difficult to face the incongruity of his work for Mr. Trump. He felt keenly aware that Mr. Trump was living a life of unimaginable luxury thanks in part to Mr. Mitnick’s ability to relieve him of the burden of paying taxes like everyone else. “Here the guy was building incredible net worth and not paying tax on it,” he said.

As for Giuliani, you may recall he also forget September 11th happened.

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