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Bruce Springsteen’s memoir is Born to Sell. The book, “Born to Run,” is number 1 on Amazon.com the day before its official release.

And also on Amazon, Springsteen’s companion album “Chapter and Verse” is number 1 on the CD chart. Fans want the physical album badly even though it only has five new songs on it. On the Amazon digital chart, “Chapter and Verse” is number 38.

That’s not unusual, as older artists do not have big streaming or downloading audiences. For most fans, “Chapter and Verse” will be an addition to a collection. Some wealthy fans will go for the expensive box set combo.

There are few reviews yet for “Born to Run” because the publisher didn’t issue many advance copies. Plus, the publisher–Simon & Schuster– is handling publicity. That’s always a bad sign. Book publicists don’t know how to handle celebrity or entertainment books as a rule.

So there are just a few hours left– then we can see what the fuss is all about. In the meantime, check out Vanity Fair, which discusses Springsteen’s chronic depression

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