Home Celebrity UPDATE Mia Farrow’s Adopted Son’s Death Ruled a Suicide

The Connecticut medical examiner have ruled the death of Thaddeus Wilk Farrow, 27, a suicide. Mia Farrow’s adopted son was found dead two days ago in his car.

Farrow said in a statement: “We’re devastated by the loss of Thaddeus, our beloved son and brother. He was a wonderful, courageous person who overcame so much hardship in his short life. We miss him. Thank you for the outpouring of condolences and words of kindness.”

The actress adopted Thaddeus, originally named Gabriel, in 1995. He was from Kolkata, India, and suffered from polio. She changed his name to Thaddeus and added “Wilk” as a tribute to Judge Eliot Wilk who presided over her nasty custody battle with Woody Allen over three other children.


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