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HBO swept the Emmy Awards tonight winning Best Comedy and Best Drama for “Veep” and “Game of Thrones.” Plus Julia Louis Dreyfus won her 5th Emmy for “Veep.”

No wins at all for network broadcast TV– Fox, ABC, NBC or CBS. Nada. Some winners were on shows that aren’t even on TV!

BEST COMEDY– “Veep.” Yay!!!!

BEST DRAMA– “Game of Thrones”

Best Supporting Actor Comedy– Louie Anderson, Baskets. I predicted this. Had to be. The guys from “Veep” crossed each other out. But Anderson was special.

Writing for a Comedy Series– Aziz Ansari, Alan Yang “Master of None”

Best Supporting Actress Comedy– Kate McKinnon, “Saturday Night Live” — first win. Ahhh….she’s being beeped a lot…

Directing Comedy Series– Jill Soloway, “Transparent”– she dropped an F bomb and is wearing something awful…

Best Actress, Comedy Series– Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Veep”– fifth win in a row, 8th Emmy. All the others were very very good. Shout out to Tracee Ellis-Ross.

JLD announces death of her father on Friday. Very sad. Also, he was worth at least $3.5 billion. William Louis-Dreyfus raised a talented, hard working daughter…

Best Actor, Comedy Series– Jeffrey Tambor, once again, for “Transparent.” A nice guy.

Limited Series–

Writing– “The People vs. OJ Simpson.” D.V. DiVincentis “Marcia Marcia Marcia”

Best Supporting Actress– Regina King, “American Crime Story”

Best Direction– Susanne Bier “The Night Manager”

Best Supporting Actor–Sterling K. Brown, as Chris Darden in “The People vs. OJ Simpson” yesss!!

Best Actress– Sarah Paulson, “The People vs. OJ Simpson” double yessss!!!!

Best Actor– Courtney B. Vance, “The People vs. OJ Simpson”– as much as I love Cuba Gooding Jr. this is much deserved.

Outstanding TV Movie– “Sherlock”

Limited Series–“the People vs. OJ Simpson


Writing– “Game of Thrones”

Supporting Actress–Maggie Smith, “Downton Abbey” Jimmy Kimmel– LOL.

Directing– “Game of Thrones”

Supporting Actor– Ben Mendelsohn for “Bloodlines.” Cancelled this week by Netflix.

Best Actor– Rami Malek, “Mr. Robot”

Best Actress– Tatiana Maslany, “Orphan Black”



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