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As usual the In Memoriam section of the Emmy Awards was a big friggin’ mess.

Omitted were John McMartin, Marjorie Lord, and about half a dozen actual TV stars.

But the Emmys included Prince, David Bowie, Natalie Cole and Merle Haggard– music stars who belong in the Grammy In Memoriam. Ridiculous.

They also stretched to include Alan Rickman, who had no TV career at all and Gene Wilder, who had a very minuscule one. They belong at the Oscars. They were film stars.

Also missing from the Emmy In Memoriam: Beth Howland and Marvin Kaplan, each from the “Alice” TV show among others, and Jack Riley from “Newhart.”

I felt really bad for John McMartin– his imdb is a history of TV. And Marjorie Lord played Danny Thomas’s wife in a classic TV show. At least the Emmys didn’t forget Ann Morgan Guilbert. But, really. Prince?

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