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There’s been an explosion on West 23rd St. in Chelsea between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. I’m watching TV in New York. The whole thing is being ignored. Maybe 25 people have been hurt.

We have two 10pm newscasts– on Fox 5 and Channel 11. Neither of them has cut into sports broadcasting to report the story.

The local network affiliates– NBC, ABC, CBS– not a word.

We are in the most media centric city in the world, mind you.

CNN is trying to cover the story but Don Lemon can’t figure out where Chelsea is, or where the explosion is. He keeps saying it’s between Fifth Avenue and Eighth Avenue. So he knows nothing.

But, good news! Bill DeBlasio is on his way. Good luck to him. West 23rd Street now has one lane in each direction because they’ve put in a bus lane.

By the way, the place where this happened is not full of restaurants and art galleries. It’s kind of a business district, and not heavily trafficked at night. It’s a strange spot for a bomb.

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