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The weekend box office is a tragedy, not a comedy. Not even a dramedy.

The number 1 film is “Don’t Breathe,” a horror film that’s scrounged up some needed dough for Sony via ScreenGems. That’s the good news. The only other bright spot is that “Hell or High Water” is doing very well, and people actually seem to like it.

There was no “Light Between Oceans,” just darkness. Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander took hom $4,894,000 million. Maybe if the movie had been The Light Between Frank Oceans, there could have been a soundtrack with no melodies, just whales and babies crying.

You might ask, What ever happened to War Dogs? Miles Teller and Jonah Hill’s gun running movie has made $35 million. It made $4.7 million this weekend. so it could get to $50 million maybe, if Warner Bros. leaves it in theaters a long time. But that’s doubtful.

Completely over: “Southside with You” is dead. The first weekend was good, but that was it. Peculiar release, anyway. Should have been a Lifetime movie. “Hands of Stone” has turned to lead. “Morgan” at Fox was largely unseen.

Everyone’s watching “Stranger Things” and “The Night Of.” That’s all I know. They’re on TV, or the computer.

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