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Didn’t I just write a story about Frank Ocean releasing a visual album (or whatever) called “Endless”? Yes, I did.

Now, I guess around 7pm Eastern, Ocean dropped a second album– a real album– called “Blonde,” formerly known as “Boys Don’t Cry.” Why not? Just whatever, drop it the day after albums are released with no actual notice. If I were in marketing at this record companies I’d be living on Xanax.

Anyway, it’s on iTunes and AppleMusic exclusively, so what the—. When it’s on Amazon or Spotify, I’ll hear the whole thing.
Here’s the first single “Nikes” with a nod to Trayvon Martin. You’ll be playing it a few times over.

1. “Nikes”
2. “Ivy”
3. “Pink + White”
4. “Be Yourself”
5. “Solo”
6. “Skyline To”
7. “Self Control”
8. “Good Guy”
9. “Nights”
10. “Solo (Reprise)”
11. “Pretty Sweet”
12. “Facebook Story”
13. “Close To You”
14. “White Ferrari”
15. “Seigfried”
16. “Godspeed”
17. “Future Free”

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