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Leonardo DiCaprio‘s charity scandals and problems with lawsuits over “Wolf of Wall Street” have come back to bite him. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has replaced him as host of a Hollywood fundraiser on Tuesday with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

Despite winning the Oscar this year, DiCaprio is mired in scandals regarding his own charity, the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation, and lawsuits and arrests concerning the funding “The Wolf of Wall Street.” The latter stretches all the way to Malyasia, where suspicious murders have been tied to missing funds that were used to finance the hit movie.

Clinton’s campaign says DiCaprio had to bow out because he’s finishing a documentary called “The Turning Point” for a premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. But that’s a rather lame excuse since the movie is being made by Fisher Stevens and Martin Scorsese’s documentary team, is mostly done and isn’t even playing in Toronto for three weeks. It’s hoped that it’s not the snoozer that “The 11th Hour”– DiCaprio’s last spiel on climate change– was. DiCaprio could easily have hosted a Tuesday lunch in Los Angeles for dignitaries. It’s not like he flies commercial. He’s well known at this point for using private plans like they’re taxis.

Clinton doesn’t need the tsuris of DiCaprio’s bad publicity right now. Timberlake and Biel are squeaky clean, lovely, and he can always sing a little. Maybe he’ll sing “Bye Bye Bye” to Donald Trump!


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