Home Movies Trayvon Martin’s Family Makes Cameo in New Kate Hudson-Chadwick Boseman Film “Marshall”

RadarOnline is reporting that Reginald Hudlin’s “Marshall” is getting some unique cameos.

The parents and family attorney of Travyon Martin are said to have filmed cameos in “Marshall,” an Open Road film that may be released before the end of the year.

Of course, the movie is set in 1940, so the Martin group couldn’t be playing themselves. They’re portraying a black family in Connecticut connected to the character played by Sterling K. Brown– a real life story of a black chauffeur named Joseph Spell who was accused of raping a socialite (played by Kate Hudson).

Josh Gad plays my great uncle Sam Friedman, who defended Spell. Chadwick Boseman plays a young Thurgood Marshall, sent by the NAACP to assist in the trial.

The Martins would be a good publicity hook for “Marshall” and a way to link racism of the past with today’s headlines.


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