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It’s Amy Schumer Day at Showbiz411. I never had so many items about her all at once. Now, after this brouhaha with her writer over rape comments, and anti-fur people attacking her, and announcing that her show is on indefinite hiatus, Amy has cancelled an event to promote her book tonight in New York. Tickets were $51.

Hudson Union says:

“We were just contacted that amy schumer fell very ill tonight, and that she is really sick and as result the event is canceled on Thursday August 18. We will see if she will provide a reschedule date when she is better. This is the first time this has ever happened to us in over 1,500 events. We hope Amy Schumer makes a quick recovery.”

PS I Have no idea what Hudson Union is, but guess what? Louise Mensch, Murdoch henchwoman who runs the Heat Street website for News Corp (don’t go to Heatstreet.com unless you want a piercing) is their Director Emerita. Lots of military people on their board. Maybe Amy got a bad vibe. I sure did!

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