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Paul McCartney is coming home.

The most successful rock star like, ever, is returning to Capitol Records after a long break– nine years. Back when Capitol was being tortured by Guy Hands, McCartney packed and up and took his catalog and all new recordings to Concord.

But now Capitol is parked at Universal Music with Steve Barnett, and all is well. Katy Perry is a hit, and there are plenty of others. The whole catalog, from “McCartney” through “Driving Rain,” along with box sets and greatest hits, goes to Capitol. They undoubtedly paid a handsome price for the collection.

McCartney is out touring like a mad man at age 74, and he’s definitely planning a new album sometime in the next few months. Universal will give him the proper platform. And of course, the Beatles are on Capitol.

You can read my original exclusive about McCartney leaving Capitol in 2007 here.

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