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I told you a year and a half ago exclusively that 97 year old billionaire Kirk Kerkorian was backing a major movie about the Armenian genocide.

And so it has to come pass: Terry George’s “The Promise” will debut next month as a gala at the Toronto Film Festival. Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac vie for the attentions of Charlotte LeBon in a love story set against the genocide. The movie was shot in Spain, filling in for Turkey.

George is the director of “Hotel Rwanda,” one of the great films of all time, and writer of Jim Sheridan’s classics “In the Name of the Father” and “The Boxer.” We’re crossing our fingers on this one. “The Promise” should be catnip for studios in search of a big Oscar release at Christmas.

Kerkorian died 13 months ago, but his vision has been fulfilled.

The other gala announced by TIFF today is “Norman,” directed by Joseph Cedar, and starring Richard Gere and Steve Buscemi.

Robin Swicord wrote the screenplay with George, but Swicord also has a movie he directed debuting in Toronto. It’s called “Wakefield,” starring Bryan Cranston and Jennifer Garner. I have to concentrate on Swicord. He’s not Robin Colcord, from “Cheers.” And “Wakefield” is not about Dan Wakefield.

TIFF looks very promising this fall.


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