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It didn’t look good last week when Rupert Murdoch’s British ex PM Louise Mensch, running a News Corp website called Heat Street, turned on Donald Trump. She started using hashtag #RepublicansforHillary 100 times a day on Twitter.

But now the New York Post has made itself clear. Columnist Andrea Peyser has turned against Donald Trump full steam with a front page editorial titled “I can no longer justify calling myself a Trump supporter.”

Peyser can go over the top, and I disagree with her a lot, but she is the voice of the ring wing Post. She’s also a woman. And a Murdoch soldier. If Murdoch didn’t approve of this editorial, it wouldn’t have been written.

Donald Trump has been abandoned by the biggest right wing press baron in the U.S. Even Roger Ailes– especially Roger Ailes– can’t save him now.

Peyser writes: “That’s all folks! I’m out. Embracing the presidential aspirations of Donald Trump was, from the start, an exercise in magical thinking. In my heart, I wanted the smack-talking, hair-challenged, self-absorbed New York City billionaire Republican to nail down this baby. But in my head? Not so much.”

She adds: “Trump won’t back down from his lunacy and bigotry. I can no longer justify calling myself a Trumpkin. I’m done with The Donald. Let’s grab a beer —or I will — and call it quits.”

That’s it, the party is over.

I only hope– and I say this as a Democrat and a Hillary Clinton supporter– that the former Secretary of State get her act together, not become a victim of hubris, and rise to the occasion being offered to her. On a silver platter from the Trump Tower.

PS Nice dig about that place, too: “His penthouse, which sprawls over the 66th, 67th and 68th floors of Trump Tower looks like the palace of Louis XIV — if the French king mated with Liberace, with 24-karat-gold accents adorning everything from the lamps to the china, marble bathtubs and a vaulted living-room ceiling painted with a fresco of scantily clad babes.”

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