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And so Rupert Murdoch is back.

At 85 years old and newly married (for the third time), Murdoch will take over running Fox News and Fox Business as Roger Ailes is pushed out.

Murdoch has been on vacation since he married Jerry Hall on March 4th. He Tweeted on that day that he would Tweet no more, and hasn’t.

Instead he’s been enjoying whatever satisfactions an 85 year old can.

Now he will oversee Bill Shine, Jay Wallace, and Mark Kranz, who will all compete for Ailes’s job and none will get it. Murdoch and his sons, who hated Ailes, will comb the world for a Big Name to take over.

This is in the summer before a presidential election.

The only upside might be that Jerry Hall would come to New York. Everyone likes her. But she probably spends the summer in an exotic locale, and not at 1211 Sixth Avenue.

Lachlan Murdoch gets his revenge for Ailes taking away running the TV stations. Megyn Kelly gets hers for Ailes’ perceived lack of support during the Trump fight last winter. Trump gets his revenge for Ailes slighting him at every turn. A number of female reporters and staff are probably thrilled.

An ignominious end, to be sure.

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