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Jamie DonutI had a great talk this morning with Guy Guido, director of the unauthorized Madonna documentary I wrote about exclusively yesterday. He’s really making this film, full steam ahead.

The doc, Guido says, covers the years 1978-82, chronicling Madonna’s rise to fame in New York. Guido is using actors to re-enact scenes from that period. He’s chosen a young woman named Jamie Auld he found working in a donut shop in Chelsea to play Madonna. “She was a fashion student,” Guido tells me. “She doesn’t sing or dance, but she’s taking lessons.”

Guido’s partners in the film are the key– they are Madonna’s original bandmates from the Breakfast Club, brothers Dan and Ed Gilroy. (This is not the director Dan Gilroy.) Dan was Madonna’s boyfriend briefly, he let her play drums in the Breakfast Club. Guido says, “He has hours and hours of the two of them just talking and hanging in the studio, all video no one’s seen before.”

The Gilroys have music too as they own their masters. “We’re using all original real recordings,” Guido says, “but nothing written by Madonna. Just the Gilroys’ songs.”

Guido tells me the doc is a “passion project” and “pretty positive.” He says, “There’s nothing tabloidy. We hope Madonna will see what we’re doing and endorse it.”

Dan Gilroy was interviewed for a UK doc — check him out at 5:20

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