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Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees is back! He’s releasing his second solo album ever this fall– his first album of new material since the last Bee Gees album in 2001. “In the Now” is produced by John Merchant and recorded with Barry’s 2014 band in Miami.

This release is a coup for Columbia Records’ Rob Stringer. The Bee Gees remain one of the top groups of all time. But the tragic deaths of Barry’s brothers Maurice and Robin, each from cancer, seemed to put an end to any music from the Gibb family.

Barry did make an album of duets with Barbra Streisand a few years ago which suffered from insufferable orchestral arrangements. But a real Barry Gibb album should be full of life and hooks. The Bee Gees songbook has dozens of hits, most notably the “Saturday Night Fever” songs but lots of other terrific ones from “Lonely Days” to “Run to Me” and “You Should Be Dancing.” The list goes on and on!

Look for a big sales build up on this one. If the Monkees and Paul Simon can hit number 1, Barry Gibb is going to zoom!

PS Already a given: at least a whole hour devoted to Barry on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Jimmy does an amazing imitation of the eldest Gibb.


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