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A few more reviews are trickling in, but not from any major sources. The hiding and abandoning of “Independence Day: Resurgence” may turn out to be a bigger story than the movie itself.

Right now, there are only about 68 reviews posted to Rotten Tomatoes. That’s less than a third than a movie like “X Men: Apocalypse” received. It’s sitting at a 46 rating. But each new review brings a lower ranking.

Last night, “IDR” took in $4million in its pre-opening. Compare that to $11 million for the pre-opening back in 1996.

At the theater where I saw it, fewer than 200 people total may have attended screenings at various price points (2D, 3D, blindfolded).

No members of the “IDR” cast have turned up so far on any talk shows to promote the movie. Only Bill Pullman and Sela Ward have hit CBS’s “The Talk.”  Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum have each been on “Conan,” which is the Witness Protection Program of late night.

Meantime, whoever does see the movie will spot a cameo from Robert Loggia, who died last December. Loggia played General Grey in the first movie. He’s somehow painted into a scene on a reviewing stand, not looking very well. He doesn’t have any lines. It’s not his last movie. According to the imdb, he has two more appearances in films. He was a great actor and a fine fellow. So this is a nice tribute.

Also, there’s a memorial wall (a la the Vietnam Memorial) observing those who died in the original “IDR.” It goes by fast, I think they were names of characters. There may be an Easter egg in there. Let me know (showbiz411@gmail.com) if you see it.


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