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Believe me, I take no pleasure in this news. I loved the original “Independence Day.” I saw it like three times in one week with different people. But that was 20 years ago. In a far off galaxy…

Now the reviews are coming in for the $200 million sequel “Resurgence” and they are not good. They are indifferent to bad with a few
“mehs” as well. Rotten Tomatoes assigned a positive ranking to what seems like a pan from Time Out London, so we’ll have to take those numbers with a pinch of salt.

But the Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw says it’s a “planet-smashingly boring sci-fi sequel.” Most of the early reviews agree the cast is bland and undistinguished. No one can figure out how Brent Spiner’s character is alive when he clearly died in the original.

More reviews tomorrow. Look, there’s not much competition this weekend. “IDR” should be have a big launch. But it will have to make most of its money upfront, and pray that people in non English speaking countries will go for the action and special effects.

PS This may be the reason why there was never another “Starship Troopers,” also one of the great gems of sci fi kitsch.

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