HITS_Daily_Double_Rumor_Mill_-_I.B._BAD_S_NEW-MATH_PRIMER_-_2016-06-08_08.32.30Well, we all wondered how the Beatles would fare on Spotify and other streaming services. Now we know the answer. They’re number 18 so far this year among all recording acts, the only act on the Top Streaming Artists Year to Date not considered contemporary or from this sad generation of pop stars.

Of course, Taylor Swift, whose “1989” album is not on Spotify, is not on the list. Adele, who’s stayed off Spotify, has still had enough streams to put her at number 15 with 268 million. The Beatles at number 18 have 227 million, which is quite an accomplishment since they broke up in 1970. The most popular Beatles track on Spotify is still “Here Comes the Sun,” although “Hey Jude” is moving up. Among those the Beatles topped were Zayn, Halsey, Sia, Nicki Minaj, Luke Bryan and Fall Out Boy.

The Beatles were long time hold outs from streaming until Christmas Eve, 2015. At first Spotify offered just the group’s main album, then added the three Anthology albums. I wish they would add the American release of “Hey Jude,” plus “Rarities” and “Let it Be…Naked.”

The chart is thanks to hitsdailydouble.com

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