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Apparently Lions Gate released a movie called “Misconduct” in February. It starred two Oscar winners– Al Pacino and Sir Anthony Hopkins. Co-stars including Malin Akerman, Josh Duhamel, and Alice Eve.

“Misconduct” played for a week, somewhere, and made $15,000 at the box office– maybe since there is almost no record of it.

This past weekend in England “Misconduct” took in around $150.


The film has 16 listed executive producers and three actual producers. The first time director is Chicago born Shintaro Shimosawa. He has some credits producing minor TV shows.

The published budget was $11 million. It rated an 8– eight– on Rotten Tomatoes.

You wonder, how did this happen? Who put up the $11 million? All those executive producers? Why? And why did the actors do it? For the paycheck?

I’ve answered my own questions.

Tom Hanks Isn’t Having Such a Good Time at the Box Office Either

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