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Six years ago, Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” made $116.1 million in its first three days.

A lot has happened since then including Depp’s poorly timed marital disaster on Friday in which his wife was given a restraining order after accusing him of a litany of things.

Today the three day box office for “Through the Looking Glass,” the sequel not directed by Tim Burton: $28.1 million. Point 1 doesn’t matter.

We’re talking a massive drop in interest in Depp.

Did audiences boycott the movie because of Depp’s domestic problems? Unlikely. This latest episode is just a piece of a big puzzle. Apart from his “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, Depp has no real standing anymore in the movie community.

This collapse is a result of all those huge flops that have snowballed since 2010. And this is what happens when no one’s paying attention to a career.

Now, $28 million isn’t terrible, and “Through the Looking Glass” will have lives abroad and on DVD and downloads and TV. But the box office is a sign that Depp had better do something fast if he still cares about his career. Funny, but his demise seems planned, like that of his hero Marlon Brando.

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