Home Music Ratings: Billboard Music Awards Lowest Since 2012, Lose Millions of Viewers

You could feel it while it was happening. The Billboard Music Awards crashed and burned last night. They went went from 11.1 million viewers last year to 8.87 million last night. They lost a full million just in the key demo.

What did they expect? The show began with a huge dollop of a big mess with Britney Spears. The co-hosts talked about themselves. There was the complete feeling that this was an infomercial with no redeeming features.

The women in particular made the show look like it was live from a strip club. Justin Bieber made no effort at all. The so called winners were all pre-arranged and it was not hidden.

None of the acts by the way got a bump in sales. On iTunes, everything is pretty much as it was prior to the show. No outstanding performances.

Madonna’s tribute to Prince? Eh. She’s not a great singer, but I did feel that her heart was in it. The show could have done a lot better. And Stevie Wonder, god bless him, was used by the producers. Stevie is such a mensch, he’s game to help out anywhere. But he shouldn’t have done it.

PS The worst– the endless presenters from ABC shows. Give me a break.


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