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“Nice Guys” finish last. Warner Bros. sorta kinda brought the Russell Crowe- Ryan Gosling 70s buddy movie to Cannes. Then they sorta kinda had nothing to do with it. Now they face the consequences. “Nice Guys” made $3.9 million last night and will go under $12 million for the weekend. (Wait for Tuesday revisions, not Sunday claims.)

The whole time I was in Cannes no one said a word about the movie or how to publicize it. If I hadn’t run into Russell Crowe at the Vanity Fair party, I wouldn’t even have known he was in town. So much for that.

The winners for Friday night and the weekend are “Angry Birds” (number 1 last night with $11 mil) and “Neighbors 2.” Little money was spent on the latter. No one came to Cannes. The total for the weekend is a projected $25 million, or more than twice as “Nice.” It’s also half of the first “Neighbors,” but the Seth Rogen-Zac Efron comedies don’t look too expensive. There will definitely be a third one, and no one will remember any of them.

“Angry Birds” had a pre-Cannes lift off, a splashy promotion that I wrote about on the day before the festival started with Josh Gad and Omar Sy. Sony benefited from the built in audience from the app game.

Waiting for “Money Monster” numbers. They’ve made $20 million through Thursday. So one week, and they’ve got enough to pay George Clooney and maybe Julia Roberts. Jodie Foster didn’t come for free. And then there’s everything else. They may be calling it “Money Pit” by the end of the month.

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