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EXCLUSIVE Is there sympathy for the devil? The patriarch of the Jackson family, Joe Jackson, is still in the hospital but doing okay, I am told.

He did not have a heart attack or stroke this past week. But the father of the many Jacksons including Michael and Janet “was having trouble making sense.” He was also severely dehydrated.

Nearly 88 years old, the elder Jackson demanded to be driven from Las Vegas, where he lives, to suburban Los Angeles, for his medical care. That’s right– five hours in a car, during which time apparently his nurse panicked about his condition.

What’s wrong with him? Besides cantankerousness? Probably a urinary tract infection. “He can’t be alone anymore a  at all,” says an insider.

You may recall that last summer, Joe went to Brazil on a birthday junket and had a heart attack and stroke after taking sexy time pep pills. He wanted to be starting something, but had to stop before he got enough.

Alas, no one is anticipating his imminent death except the supermarket tabloids. In a few days, Jackson will go to Katherine Jackson’s home in Calabasas, California. That’s the plan, as I hear it. But the problem is his nephew, Trent, with whom he does not get along. Nor does anyone else. Trent Jackson is said to the new Public Enemy Number 1 in the family.

Oh yes: despite the elder Jacksons not actually living together, Katherine visits Joe every day he spends in the hospital. Old habits die hard.



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