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Woody Allen’s publicist, Leslee Dart, has banned The Hollywood Reporter from today’s press lunch in Cannes for “Cafe Society.” She’s absolutely correct.

The Hollywood Reporter is run by an editor who used to edit US Weekly, Janice Min. Take that into account for how that site now works. I often criticize THR myself because they liberally sample stories from other publications without credit– or a minimal one that makes them look like they wrote it.

This week, Woody Allen is on the cover of their magazine. The cover story is a fawning Q&A, and the magazine begged for it. They used Woody to give themselves a prestigious look for Cannes. Only they benefited from it.

So what a surprise yesterday when Woody’s estranged son, Ronan Farrow, failed MSNBC show host, attacked Allen in a piece on The Reporter’s website. It was designed solely to embarrass and humiliate Woody for the opening of his film at Cannes. Farrow is manipulated by his mother, Mia Farrow, who suggested a couple of years ago that Frank Sinatra was really Ronan’s father. If only. Ronan certainly demonstrates Sinatra’s spitefulness. That’s not a Woody Allen trait.

If Ronan Farrow really believed all the things his mother and sister say about Woody, he could confront him privately. They could go for counseling. Instead, Ronan (and Mia) use the press for shock value to hurt Allen. They have no interest in getting to the truth or getting closure. It’s despicable.

And the Hollywood Reporter– that’s not journalism, that’s just trash. They’re no better than a supermarket tabloid, or US Weekly. And they turned against their cover subject for no reason. Other celebrities should take note of what happened. That’s the REAL Hollywood Reporter. Blech.

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