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Fame is fleeting. The folks at Empire, the hot TV show of 2015, are finding that out. And they’re doing it with Sony Music. Last year at this time, the “Empire” sold 110,000 copies in its debut week. Then last winter, the follow up sold just 39,000 copies.

This week, the new “Empire” CD sold 15, 710 copies– around a tenth of the original CD last year. Whoops! That party is over. And there were no streaming numbers. No one streamed “Empire Season 2 Volume 2” at all? I guess not. I know it’s Spotify. I listened to it there. Will there be another “Empire” CD? Doubtful.

Elsewhere, Drake outsold Beyonce 3 to 1. “Lemonade” is just ten days old and it’s old news. Drake sold 825,000 CDs and downloads. But with streaming he finished up at 1,075,494. Drake is the Adele of the spring.

And Justin Timberlake is number 1 on the singles charts with his new release, “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

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