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Remember “The Bombing”? This was a Chinese movie starring Bruce Willis as the only American among an Asian cast. At some point, Mel Gibson invested money in it and became the Art Director.

Now sources tell me we may never see “The Bombing.” It’s a bomb, alright.

Willis, who worked hard on it, has to be completely dubbed into Chinese since the rest of the movie is in that language. No one speaks a word of English.

Can you imagine that film being released in the Western world?

Willis and Gibson didn’t cross paths, apparently. “Mel came to China after Bruce was done,” a source says. The director, Xiao Feng, was a novice. The company behind “The Bombing” is now making a Chinese re-do of Julia Roberts’ 1997 hit “My Best Friend’s Wedding.”

There are other problems, too. “It’s about the Chinese fighting back against the Japanese in World War II,” a source told me. “It’s not like a lot of people around the world care about that. And the Japanese won’t be seeing it.”

Sharp eyed observers will be looking to see if “The Bombing” turns up in the Cannes Film Market next week. But the word is it won’t.


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