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For a minute there, Alicia Keys probably thought she had Friday to herself. Her single “In Common” is dropping, and she’s performing it on “Saturday Night Live.”

But now her own label, RCA, is also releasing a new song by Justin Timberlake. “Can’t Stop the Feeling” sounds like a disco song. Indeed, when Caitlyn was Bruce she/he/they starred in the Alan Carr disco movie of that name. It was one of the biggest flops in history.

JT’s record, however, is sure to be a hit. The fight for Number 1 is going to be vicious. Poor Drake, he thought his huge new “Views” album would be the big story this week. And it is– close to 1 million copies sold. So Poor Beyonce– “Lemonade” is already getting a little stale.

So much good music in a short period. Lots of Grammy nominees. Of course the Album of the Year will be David Bowie’s “Blackstar.”

And soon to hit: Paul Simon’s “Stranger to Stranger.”

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