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Kelly Ripa won’t be on “Live with Kelly and Michael” tomorrow morning. Or Friday. Or Monday.


She is angry. After Strahan said this morning that he’d be out tomorrow, there must have been quite a scuffle backstage. Now, Strahan is on the show, and Ripa isn’t. Yikes. There will be guest hosts for the next three shows. (Friday’s show is pre-taped tomorrow, anyway.)

Will Ripa ever return? And will she and Strahan ever share a stage again?

The whole thing is weird. “Live” is huge in the ratings. You’d think ABC-Disney wouldn’t want to mess with that. And what is it that Strahan actually does for “Good Morning America”? He’s not a journalist. They have permanent hosts in George Stephanopolous and Robin Roberts. And it’s not like ABC is going to build out into the 9am hour. They can’t — that ‘s when Live airs in syndication.

So chaos reigns. And now NBC and the Today show can really use this mess to their advantage. Now would be a funny time to move Kathie Lee Gifford up into the 9am hour for some spots– just to screw with ABC!


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