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EXCLUSIVE “Spider Man: Homecoming” starts shooting in June and wraps in October. Jon Watts’s film will open on July 7, 2017.

From the sounds of a new casting call, however, it does seem like Peter Parker– played by British actor Tom Holland, now 19– will still be in high school. The “Homecoming” of the title is probably the big end of the year dance.

There’s already some confusion, too. All the trade and fanboy sites announced Tony Revolori as Manuel Nguyen, Peter’s nemesis and villain. But “Manuel” is still being cast, so Revolori may not be playing that role after all. And Manuel is described as “uber-nerd, endearing and funny.” Doesn’t sound like a villain.

Many of the other parts being cast right now include an English teacher, principal, physics teacher and of course, a newscaster. After five Spider Man movies, a musical, a TV series, and 40 years of reading comics, I feel like I know Peter Parker’s high school life better than I know my own. It’s hoped that “Homecoming” will be different, somehow.

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