Home Celebrity Rupert Murdoch Silent as NY Post Editor Retired and Donald Trump Endorsed

There’s been not a peep from Rupert Murdoch, owner of the New York Post, since March 4th. This was his last Tweet:

That was about six weeks ago. Today, the New York Post’s long time editor in chief Col Allan has been retired (not voluntarily, please). And the Post endorsed Donald Trump in the New York Republican primary in an editorial straight out of MAD magazine.

On Monday, News Corp launches a new website called Heatstreet.com that can’t use its url address because it’s owned by a piercings shop in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, the ratings for “Empire” are getting lower and lower. And “American Idol” has gone off the air.

Have Murdoch’s sons paid Jerry Hall to take dad on a long honeymoon far from the internet and social media? It’s very unusual that Uncle Rupert has been radio silent for so long.

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