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Everyone is waiting on tenterhooks for Janet Jackson’s news.

My sources say that even her family has not been told whether she’s pregnant. “She hasn’t even told her mother, Katherine. Janet is the type who will wait until she knows everything is all right before she makes an announcement.”

But Janet’s video release on Twitter this week showed her almost giddy as she told fans she was “postponing” her world tour– which has been cancelled and moved around many times since its launch last August.

There are reports that Janet’s ticketholders aren’t receiving refunds yet because the tour has not been officially cancelled. The fans, like Katherine Jackson, will have to wait until the doctor gives confirming news of a pregnancy that will hold.

At 49, Janet would have to be using a donor egg for the pregnancy. Her biological clock has ticked. But that doesn’t mean she couldn’t have a safe pregnancy and a healthy, happy child. Plenty of women do this, and it works. For Janet, it would certainly be a bundle of joy.

Meantime, in other Jackson news, I’m hearing that Joseph Jackson has finally moved back to Las Vegas. He’s been in Los Angeles for almost a year since summer 2015 strokes and heart attack in Brazil caused by sex-enhancing drugs (according to reports he wanted to be ready for action on his 87th birthday).

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